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Bermondsey Street Hues

Bermondsey Street Hues. Challenged to create a body of work for an exhibition, this group was my response. The idea to celebrate my day to day environment, the street on which I work. The setting, a busy London street.


Bermondsey Street is a very vibrant place, in it's architecture as well as it's residents. It would be difficult to walk up and down this street without noticing the colour of the buildings, the whole area is saturated with different hues. It is this vibrancy that I wanted to capture.


Drawn from a series of lines & a simple grid formation, three colours interact and weave together lines & shapes with an endless amount of variation creating unique patterns within the glass.


Patterns are important to me, through repetition of line & shape a rhythm can be formed, a visual rhythm. We have patterns of behaviour, we repeat the same actions over again. Our lives day to day can be monotonous, unchanged, unchallenged. But sometimes, a little slip up, a change in tempo or direction can create something unexpected.

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