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Spinning Around

Pattern is important to me. Through pattern you can express emotion, rhythm, timing – tempo. This group of work expresses a spinning motion, movement, momentum a sense of loosing control.


We like to look like we are in control, in control of our lives and how we go about them, in control of how we present ourselves to the world. We like to believe that we are in control, that we have influence. But this is rarely the case and we learn to live with this sense of uncertainty that we try to keep beneath the surface. On the edge of losing all control, on the edge of spinning out, we spin around at such a speed we don't know how to stop.


Pattern can also be used to express repetition, a sense of order; a sense of order that you may not be feeling. These pieces require a huge amount of control, of concentration, of repetition. They are ordered, the surface divided and structured, my own attempt at control.

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