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3 Billion Solutions But Only One Problem

The Rubik's Cube


'3 billion problems but only one solution'.

This was how the Rubik's cube was advertised on its launch in the 1980s. Originally designed as a problem solving tool, aiding in the visualisation in 3dimensional objects, The Rubik's Cube's potential as a puzzle was quickly realised and snapped up by toy manufacturers making it one of the most popular toys of the 1980's, my childhood years.


I have never once 'solved' the Rubik's cube or really tried that hard to; that is to make all the sides the same colour. As a child, and still now, I take no delight in the idea of 'solving the cube'. Instead, I like to shift the colour squares around to form irregular patterns and colour combinations. I like the sense of the random sequence of colours, appreciating the chaos when others would only see a problem to be solved.


'3 billion solutions but only one problem!'

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